The Great Province
Katsina and Daura were Hausa States long before the advent of the legendary Bayajidda a Prince from Baghdad around the year 900 AD.  However, the two States were believed to have become more organised under the rulership of King Gazaura of Daura and King Kumayau of Katsina  who were both reported to be Bayajidda’s grandchildren and who ruled around the year 993 AD.  This is exactly 1,011 years ago. 
     Islam was introduced and accepted by the people of Katsina and Daura areas around the year 1100 AD and became strongest 511 years ago, in the year 1493 AD when the famous Sheik Muhammad bin AbdulKarim Al-Maghili visited Hausa-land.  The Jihadists under Sheik Usman Danfodio took over Katsina and Daura in 1806.  They lost both 100 years later in 1906 after British conquest of Nigeria.
      The British Colonial Rulers merged Katsina and Daura Emirates in 1934 to form Katsina Province and 53 years later, the Military Regime created a Katsina State consisting of the two Emirates. 
      Katsina and Daura Emirates led Northern Nigeria in several developmental areas.  The First College which produced the first set of leaders in Northern Nigeria was established in Katsina in 1921.  The first Pharmacy School, the first Treasury and the first Polo Club in Northern Nigeria were all established in Katsina Province.  The Province also produced the first Northerner to hold Military Political Office, the first Hausa to become an Army General, the first Northerner to broadcast on an international radio station, the first Northern Civil Engineer, the first two Northern Chartered Accountants, the first female Hausa Doctor, the first Northern Veterinary Doctor, the first Northern Permanent Secretary in the Civil Service, the first Emir to officially visit England, the first Emir to perform the Holy Pilgrimage, the first two Northerners to become Lawyers, the first Northerner to become Chief Justice of Nigeria, the best Polo player in Nigeria, the best Polo team in Nigeria, the youngest Nigerian Ambassador, the first Minister to move to Abuja from Lagos, the best Horse racing Jockey in Nigeria, the most famous sports gallery in Nigeria, etc, etc.
      This book touched on the Jihad, the Colonial Indirect rule, the First, Second, Third and Fourth Republics and all Military Regimes as they related to Katsina and Daura Emirates, albeit the Great Katsina Province, now Katsina State.