AN EXECUTIVE that is corrupt and unjust. A LEGISLATURE that preoccupies itself with fraudulent house renovation and car purchase contracts. A JUDICIARY that twists justice in favour of the rich and the powerful. 

A POLITICAL CLASS that has no focus. TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS that are becoming politicised. CLERGYMEN who are preoccupied with making money from politicians and not preaching the words of God. ORDINARY CITIZENS who have forgotten the virtues of honesty and holding the trust and engage in dishonesty, cheating and fronting for corrupt leaders.
YOUTHS who are addicted to alcohol and drugs and serve as political thugs. LABOURERS who malinger at work and sometimes steal the working tools entrusted in their care. CONTRACTORS who inflate contract sums tenfold. MERCHANTS who profiteer instead of making lawful profits. BLACK MARKETERS who hoard essential commodities. MASONS who steal the cement given to them to work at construction sites. FARM WORKERS who steal the produce on their employers’ fields. DRIVERS who siphon fuel from their masters’ cars. SHOP ATTENDANTS who misappropriate the sales proceeds. SECURITY MEN who connive with thieves to steal from their masters’ compounds. POLICEMEN AND SOLDIERS who use the guns given to them to defend the nation and its citizens in armed robbery operations. AN INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE convicted by a court of law for embezzling billions of Naira. A PRESIDENT, GOVERNORS, MINISTERS, LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHAIRMEN, ETC., who have stolen billions of Naira from public funds and go scot-free. BANK EXECUTIVES who grant themselves and their girlfriends’ unsecured loans. LECTURERS AND STUDENTS who are cultists and engage in examination malpractices. HOSPITALS that are mere consulting clinics. SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES that lack basic infrastructure and teaching aids. ROADS that are impassable. BRIDGES that are death traps. AEROPLANES that are flying coffins. WATER BOARD MANAGEMENT that manages dry taps.  AN ELECTRICITY AUTHORITY that has no power to supply.  ARMED ROBBERY GANGS that have superior weapons to those of the police force. NIGER DELTA MILITANTS who have taken over the nation’s oil wells.  ROBBERS AND THIEVES who have made the country so unsafe.