Katsina College

In a well-researched and articulated article in the March 1986 edition of the Africa Events Magazine, Jean Boyd described Katsina College as “A Bastion of Excellence” and gave a graphic picture of the establishment of the College in Katsina in 1921 and its subsequent transformation into Barewa College Zaria in 1949

     The Governor of Northern Nigeria, Sir Hugh Clifford had this to say while commissioning the Katsina College:-
      It is very necessary that the youths who will receive their training in this College and who will thereafter carry the torch of learning and knowledge to all parts of the Mohammedan Emirates in order thereby to enlighten the ignorance of the Countrymen, should concentrate all their energies and all their attention upon the task that is set them during their period of training.
      Katsina College, the first College in Northern Nigeria, was established in Katsina after due consideration of the City’s educational and commercial significance in Hausaland. That significance was recognised as early as 1853 when the famous traveller and explorer, Dr. Henry Barth visited Katsina and wrote as follows:-
      … In fact, Kat-sena, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries of our era, seems to have been the chief city of this part of Negroland, as well in commercial and political importance as in other respects; for here that State of civilization which had been called forth by contact with the Arabs seems to have reached its highest degree… the manners of Kat-sena were distinguished by superior politeness from those of other towns of Hausa… Muslim scholars provided advisers, viziers, judges and councillors in courts of Emirs.
      It is in appreciation of the very significant role Katsina College played in the Nigerian Nation that this book was authored. It gives an account of Islamic and Western educational developments in Northern Nigeria from 1100 AD to the establishment of Katsina College in 1921. The book also dwelt on the life at the College and its contributions to Northern Regional and National developments.
  1. Gidan Lugga, Kofar Marusa Road, Katsina, Katsina State of Nigeria.
  2. Dalala Islamic Bookshop, Kofar Marusa Road, Katsina, Katsina State of Nigeria.
  3. Vocational Training Centre Bookshop, Katsina State Library Building, Central Mosque Round About, Katsina, Katsina State of Nigeria.
  4. Hamdala Hotel Bookshop, Kaduna, Kaduna State of Nigeria.
  5. Arewa House Bookshop, Kaduna, Kaduna State of Nigeria