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  • Prof. Sani Abubakar Lugga

    the Waziri of Katsina

    Appointed as the fifth WAZIRI OF KATSINA by His Royal Highness, the Emir of Katsina, Alhaji (Dr) Muhammadu Kabir Usman, CFR on October 26, 2002

  • Visiting Professor of Management Studies at St. Clements Private Swiss University, Switzerland (2015).

    Visiting Professor at Ecole Superieure Universitaire, Cotonou, Benin Republic (2017)

  • Prof. Sani Abubakar Lugga, the Waziri of Katsina

    won over 60 Prizes and Awards for his selfless services to the Nation at large


The Waziri of Katsina, Professor Sani Abubakar Lugga, was born on the 28th day of August, 1950 at Katsina, Katsina State of Nigeria. He is the son of Alhaji Abubakar Lugga (lived 1912-1988), the Sarkin Dawa of Katsina and the Katsina Emirate Councillor in charge of Forestry and Natural Resources. The Sarkin Dawa of Katsina, Alhaji Abubakar Lugga, was the son of the first Waziri of Katsina, Sheikh Haruna (lived 1857-1937). Therefore, the Waziri of Katsina, Prof. Sani Abubakar Lugga is the grandson of the first Waziri of Katsina. The Waziri title carries with it heavy responsibilities as the Prime Minister under the Emir of Katsina Emirate in Katsina State of NigeriaHis early upbringing rimed with the then Hausa tradition of “yaye” (taking a two years old child to an elderly woman for care). Therefore, as a toddler, he was mostly under the care of his maternal grandmother’s sister, a learned elderly Islamic scholar called Malama Aisha Sodai. Prof. Sani was taken back to his parents at the age of seven years after the mandatory initial Qur’an education and was enrolled into the primary school by his father. He continued with Islamic studies alongside “formal” education.His father, Alhaji Abubakar Lugga was the son of the first Wazirin Katsina Sheik Haruna (lived 1857-1937) who was the grandson of Sarkin Kanem Bakashe Mallam Haido (reigned 1899-1919), son of Sarki Son Allah (reigned 1854-1882), son of Sarki Iro (reigned 1824-1830), son of Sarki Alu (reigned 1819-1822), son of Sarki Ali (reigned 1802-1807), son of Sarki E-E (reigned 1758-1779), son of Sarki Remi (reigned 1744-1758), son of Sarki Namauli (reigned 1706-1718), son of Sarki Salifu (reigned 1661-1679), son of Sarki Damisa (reigned 1634-1661), son of Sarki Tanni (reigned 1579-1605) who set up the Kanuri (Bare-Bari) ruling house at Kanem Bakashe (Please see the Chronology  of Kanem Bakashe Kings in “Monographie sur le Department de Maradi” by Boube Ego, 1981-Niger Republic, for details).Sheik Haruna’s family was of Kanuri origin who had been ruling Kanem Bakashe since 1579 AD.

They were part of those who established Kanuri rule of the Kanem-Borno Empire under Mai Idris Alooma. The Mai ruled between 1571 and 1603 and extended the Kanem-Borno Empire up to Katsina, Zamfara, Kano and parts of present day Niger Republic, which included Kanem Bakashe, Tasawa and Damagaram (Please see the book, “The Emirates of Northern Nigeria” by Hogben and Kirl Green, 1967, for details).”Bakashe” was believed to be the name of the head of the first settlers in the area and “Kanem” is the Kanuri word for “the city”. Kanem Bakashe therefore means “the City of Bakashe” in the Kanuri language.  The area is currently one of the Emirates in Maradi State of Niger Republic. The present Sarkin Kanem Bakashe, Alhaji Sani, and his late father, Sarki Daouda, are relations of late Wazirin Katsina Haruna and they are keeping an excellent relationship with members of the Waziri Haruna family in Nigeria. Equally, the Waziri Haruna family in Nigeria had been reciprocating the relationship gesture. For example, late Sarki Daouda attended the turbaning ceremony of the present Wazirin Katsina, Prof. Sani Abubakar Lugga, and Sarki Sani son of Sarki Daouda visits the Waziri Haruna family regularly. In return, Waziri Sani Lugga officiated at the wedding ceremony of Sarki Daouda’s daughter at Kanem Bakashe and the Waziri family also attends all functions of the Kanem Bakashe royal family.Sheik Haruna being a learned Islamic Scholar whose grand parents assisted Sheik Usman Danfodio during the famous 1804 Jihad, decided to visit Katsina in search of further knowledge. He had earlier travelled to Islamic centres and learnt from great scholars in Mali, Senegal and the nearby towns of Dosso, Damagaram and Kance. Katsina was then the most famous Islamic Centre in Hausaland and a necessary part of the itinerary for scholars. Sheik Haruna arrived in Katsina in the year 1897 and became very close to Durbin Katsina Muhammadu Dikko and the Emir, Sarki Abubakar. He was recognized immediately as one of the most famous scholars of that time who needed no further training and therefore was appointed as one of the area Imams in Katsina. There were three major mosques in Katsina at that time. One was the Central Mosque located at the present head-quarters of Jama’atu Nasril Islam near the Emir’s palace and headed by the Katsina Chief Imam. The second was located at Kofar Kaura and headed by Mallam Barmo while the third was located at Kofar Samri where Sheik Haruna was appointed to head as “Liman Haruna”.Durbi Muhammadu Dikko and Liman Haruna were so close to Sarkin Katsina Abubakar that when the British soldiers took over the control of the area in 1903 under the command of Lord Lugard, Sarki Abubakar appointed Durbi Dikko to be in charge of their affairs while Liman Haruna was appointed as their Chief Imam. It should be noted that except the two British officers, all the other British soldiers in Katsina were Muslim Nigerians commissioned into the army when the colonial headquarters was located at Lokoja and Zungeru in present day Kogi and Niger States respectively.When Durbi Muhammadu Dikko became the Emir of Katsina in 1906, the first person he appointed was his most trusted friend, Sheik Haruna as the first Waziri of Katsina. That marked the beginning of the Sarki Dikko and Waziri Haruna dynasties in Katsina. Waziri Haruna was closely associated with the successes of Sarki Dikko, Sarkin Dawa Abubakar Lugga (son of Waziri Haruna and father of Waziri Sani Lugga) was equally associated with the successes of Sarki Usman Nagogo (son of Sarki Dikko). Sarki Muhammadu Kabir (grandson of Sarki Dikko) is now being ably assisted by Waziri Sani Lugga (grandson of Waziri Haruna).Prof. Sani’s mother was Hajiya Aisha, the daughter Mallam Zubair, who was the son of the Jihadists’ cavalry war commander, Ubandawakin Katsina Muhammadu Sani, who served under Sarkin Katsina Abubakar. As a toddler, he was mostly under the care of his maternal grandmother’s sister, a learned Islamic scholar called Malama Aisha Sodai. She was the daughter of Wazirin Mashi Sulaiman, the brother of Iyan Katsina Zakari (District Head of Mashi). Dr. Sani was taken back to his parents after the mandatory Qur’anic education and was enrolled into the formal primary school by his father. He continued with Islamic studies alongside formal education.